What children expect from us?

What children expect from us?

The children expect nothing from us; just we need to spend our time with them. It’s enough for them nanit plus review, while spending our time with the children they will start to share many things towards us. It will help the children to grow in a healthy way. It’s our duty to take care of the children some will think that parenting is the biggest task but when we come across to it, the thing will be simple and. If we behave in a good way, the kids will follow the same and be a good kid to the society. The kid development is completely based on how the parent or elders are behaving in our home. They will grow up by seeing us. First we need to keep in mind; we should behave in wrong way or shouldn’t use any harsh words towards to them. Then we should also have the habit of sharing the things towards them, it will help them to understand how to handle the situation in a clever way. So, spending the time alone is enough to make the children to grow in a proper way.

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Did extra-curricular activities will help the children to grow in healthy way?

Yes, the extra-curricular activities will the children in many ways. They will have good relationship around the surrounding and they can develop the problem-solving mind because we will start to face different kinds of issues, by handling them we can increase our mental strength and can be strong throughout our life. If our children start to afraid of problem, then they can’t see the strong side of them. We should encourage them to face the situation alone; just it’s enough to guide them. While going out, we can face different kinds of people around us and each will be different in their way so children get chance to mingle with all kinds of people and know how to behave with each and every one. 

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How to handle the school going children?

This is main phase in every kid’s life because they learn everything from here and get many friends at this stage. The child growth is completely depending on here, the child will raise good or bad at this stage. How to know the kid is growing in a correct way? We can ask the children, what happened in the school today, how is your friends doing, did you shared your foods with your friends, how was the day, etc., by asking these kinds of question they will start to share the things that happened in the school. By this way we can identify their behaviour at the same time we should not force the children to answer our question. Parent should give some privacy and freedom to the kid, and then only they will be friendly towards us. We can ask our children to help other kids in the school and share the foods with them and ask them to invite their friends to home. So, we will come know about their friend’s character too. This is the best way to handle them.